Salt & Our Health


How to boost fitness performance in hot weather

As the weather heats up, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated, especially during exercise. However, water isn’t the only crucial ingredient, salt also plays an essential role in helping your body to retain water. When heat strikes, salty … Continue reading

Salt History


The Best Salt Flats From Around the World

A salt flat is a naturally occurring geographical formation in which an ancient sea has become land-locked . In hot climates, the water gradually evaporates, leaving a breathtakingly dazzling carpet of glistening salt. There are a great number of salt … Continue reading

Salt & Our Health


8 salt hacks that will change your beauty routine

The average woman will spend £18,000 in her lifetime on her face, from moisturiser, to exfoliants and make-up. However, for many of our beauty expenses there’s a cheaper more natural alternative, readily available…Salt So if you’re saving money, here are … Continue reading